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Just not what I was hoping for.

Albert Hepfinger, Blogger

October 13, 2009

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So like many others out there in the World of Warcraft, I decided I needed something of a change. I was informed from a friend of mine about this up coming game called Aion. I went to the link he sent me for the web site and started to check it out. 

I watched all the trailers and looked at all the screens. I told myself that I liked the way this game looks. Checked out the story a bit and it felt real good. The flying was cool also. So I started to track the reviews and they were promissing. They were the typical mixed bunch of this is not to cool, but this is cool sort of reviews. Most were saying extremely great things about this game. I felt pretty good about it so I decided that I would try out this game when a free trial came out. 

My friend managed to convince me to get it so I went out and baught the collecters addition because it gave me a free month plus the figure is cool. I loaded the game up and got all the patch's for it and logged in. I was amazed by the graphics on the log in screen. I felt like "Man this game is going to be awesome. " So after logging in I picked Asmodian and a warrior. Loved the character creation screen and made my "toon". First thing I noticed which I did read about in other reviews was that the music was truely as bad as everyone was saying. No biggie though just turn it off. Right away questing felt like all questing does. Took a bit to learn where everything was and started off on my quests. 

From the get go.

 So from the start everything felt pretty good. I was liking this game, the graphics blew me away, I thought to myself " I am really seeing what my new video card can do." and continued to play and quest and so on just like WoW. Now the game feels nothing like WoW. Some of the controls I liked and some I didn't but kept on trucking. So, finally I finish all the quests that seemed to take forever to get my wings. But, in that note, you end up getting a quest that allows you to just skip on by the other ones. You get like I don't know, 10000XP or more. So off the die I go. Since you do have to die before becoming imortal. So I goto where I needed to go and start to fight these guys and then cinematics takes over and there is a cool arial fight going on. The thing I noticed was that I felt like busting out with Kung Fu fighting. 

I can fly..I can fly!!!

OK, so after the Kung Fu fighting I finally get the one thing I felt was going to be cool. I get my wings. Well, you can't fly in the major city which is fine but you can practice gliding. Now this is tricky and quickly I hated it and said I will just run where I can not fly. I also picked my class which is Gladiator. Then go buy some profession skills (which went to 2 after a update) and went exploring. Now the major city is HUGE. Lots to look for. I almost want to say a bit to big for my taste but still loved it. I like that you do not have to buy a bank slot from start. You simply have one. The auction house is similar in many ways like WoW's. I explore some more do some city quests and head off to the next area of questing and get to try out my wings. UH OH!! Server crashed on me. OK nothing new there really happens in WoW too. Start the quests there and make sure I do my gathering or you will have a problem later on. Everything seems cool, I learn the controls for the flying which to me, should just be the same buttons for moving. Why complicate things? Head to the water to collect some stones and go to use wings to fly. Can't do it! Oh I am standing in water. OK leave water, no I can fly. This part bugged me a bit. I know there are no fly zones but in the water. Ugh!!


On to the next place for questing, I was starting to get bored at this point. Nothing felt different to me. Just the same old same old but a different game. The combat was to me, Tekken like. I felt like I was playing an arcade game everytime I faught something. I also found myself grinding a bit which most people hate. Like me. So I really got bored and had to turn it off. 

Will this be great!!!

No is my answer. This is just not what I was hoping for. Will this draw in millions of WoW players? Doughtfull, but it will get some. Most WoW players who have left WoW for this will be back when next exapnsion comes out. I never stopped WoW simply because it is in my opinion, a well done, well designed and fun game. The story behind it so well written there are still things to come like the new expansion. Makes me wonder if they will run out or not. I know I know, why comapre it to WoW. Is there really anything else? Nope, there is not. I just feel like they think because it has done so well in the East, that it will do the same here. It will do fine drawing in some players but not as many as they had hoped for. Also, they need to do something about the patching issue. Got a new patch and my McAffee stoped it due to a trojan. This was found to be a false positive and was fixed. Then another new patch came out, the one with the 30 min afk rule. Again, another Trojan. This makes me not feel secure at all which is one more reason for me to remove said game. As a security note, do not disable your virus protection to play a game. This was suggested by many in the forums. Let the company resolve the issue before you put your life at risk. 

 Mounts PLEASE!!

The flying is cool but when you can not fly and I find the gliding to be cumbersome, let me ride and feel the wind in my horns. Just makes sense really. 

I hope to be back once I get into some of the end game stuff. This is just my opinion and there will be some calling me a WoW fanboy blah blah but that is ok. I consider myself a games fanboy and like all games. I play all the systems including PC obviously. Be back in a week with something different.

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