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A Game Design Podcast? My Wife Threw the Gauntlet - You Be the Judge

Worth it? My wife threw the gauntlet - "6 episodes by Christmas!" So, I researched, got some equipment, and set to work. Last week's Ep4 was hugely popular, "Good Communication, Better Games". Ep5 covered a favorite story, by request. You be the judge!

I had been listening to podcasts for a while, when the question struck me, what's holding me back? That's when my wife threw down the gauntlet - "You could have 6 episodes by Christmas!"

All kinds of ideas swirled in my head. I dismissed parenting, marriage, and entertainment. I also threw comedy right out - I'm funny, in the same way that Bill Gates is a wardrobe consultant. Again, my wife came through, "Talk about what you know - Games!" That's when I began searching iTunes for Podcasts. I found podcasts about XBox games, podcasts that are audio recordings of Youtubers, and podcasts of guys talking about games. And yet, I couldn't find any podcasts about the art, science, and business of building games. 

Thus was born, the Game Design Zen Podcast. 

The Game Design Zen Podcast

Decent, right? That image was from my friend, Peter Simon

My first two episodes weren't half bad. By epiode 3, I began to find my own personal voice. Then, with Ep 4, I was told, "Personal, specific - stuff I'd never heard." I felt strong, it was fun, and I decided I'd cover Monetization for ep5. 

Then, I had a call with a friend. He suggested, "Squares, Circles, and Triangles." This surprised me, as it's based on an obscure Gamasutra article by Chris Solarski. "Definitely", he replied. "I loved that story - you said it would change the way I saw the world. And you were right". 

So, episode 5 is by request. It's my way to share back with the Gamasutra community, for all you've given these past 12 years. 

I rose to the challenge my wife threw before me. Whether it was worth it, well, you be the judge.

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