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A Final Word

The defense rest your Honor.

Lehr Jackson, Blogger

May 11, 2011

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"In conclusion…"  Two words that have served me with unflinching loyalty in my years of writing concluding arguments. Like an old friend, tried and true.  While this lead in might not be the most original way to start a concluding paragraph, it certainly always does the job required.  But somehow this introductory template just does not seem to fit on this particular assignment.  To conclude anything on this particular subject would be a feat rivaling overcoming Jules Vern in one on one combat while playing Pinball Wizard in Rock band (with all four instrument and vocals on max difficulty) while writing the programing code to Halo 7 with my toes.  I am not saying I couldn’t do it, but I am out of Red Bull.  People' desire to play has no conclusion, no end point. The youthful spirit of each new generation of players renews the need to compete, to explore, and to share in all the joys the game world has to offer. 


So I shall instead begin with: In Retrospect, like a child reaching the time of adulthood, the world of video games is currently enjoying a time of unfettered opportunity to grow.  Its voice is gaining acceptance as well as authority in society.  The mistakes of the past serve now, not as handicaps nor obstacles, but learning experiences that were necessary steps in order to grow into adulthood.  What once only existed at the far end of the mall in neon lit arcades or basements out of the way so parents didn’t trip over them, now exist in the limelight of popular culture and are enjoyed by a broadening cross section of society.  Video games are free from the burdens and worries of many of the older mediums such as print.  The future of video games are only bound by imagination and the desire to play.  They stands ready to embrace the future and a changing world.  That is not to say that the frontier shall be easy for us who aspire to be its creators.  Challenge awaits.  Toil is guaranteed.  But so too is opportunity. There is the chance to do great things. There are unimaginable feats of artistic vision and beauty to be created.  There are stories, both grand and obscure, to be told.  While some dream of exploring unknown worlds, we strive to create them.  I leave you for now; there are worlds to be made…

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