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7 Ways To Get Exposure And Valuable Feedback

During these last few weeks, before and after the launch of Dengen Chronicles for Windows Phone, several blogs wrote about us and our game got to be featured on several stores. How we got that? These 7 points come from my personal experience.

Raffaele Gaito, Blogger

March 24, 2014

3 Min Read

During these last few weeks, before and after the launch of Dengen Chronicles for Windows Phone, several blogs wrote about us and our game got to be featured on several stores.

Back when we launched the Windows 8 app, we got featured on Firefox Marketplace and had the chance to land on Microsoft Bizspark newsletter, and Intel’s home page.

How we got that? First of all, we strongly committed to making our game take off. Determination and awareness are essential, not only to start a new growth process, but also to gain important achievements!

Besides, you need experience.

These 7 points come from my personal experience and are highly effective.


1. Be patient

The PR world is a rather demanding and complex arena, and the best achievements usually take time and hard work. Just don’t give up, stay focused and bear in mind that planning is key to success.

2. Plan everything

And I don’t merely mean “pick the right day to send out your press release”. The fact is, you probably have one chance. So, you have to pick the right blogs, find the right emails (that is, always search for editors’ emails) sort the important information about your product, and so on. If you don’t impress the first time, you’ll likely get no answer. And that might even jeopardize your future attempts.

3. Keep the human touch

Please, stay human. This might sound a bit trivial, but trust me, it is actually quite a key point. Don’t just copy/paste names into your email message, try to get to know the person, and build a natural relationship: join the conversation on social networks and be kind. So when you want to inform him/her about some news, chances are, you will get a kind response.

4. Make friends with Google

If I tell you “well, this is a great app” and you’re just, Ok let’s check on Google, and don’t find anything at all, what do you think? Exactly. WTF. So, before getting in touch with bloggers and influencers, you definitely have to spend time making friends with Google: write on a corporate or personal blog and don’t be afraid to share your passion and knowledge. Guest posts will help you expand your network and boost brand awareness.

5. Think out of the box

You did a huge work in your niche and your product ultimately fits perfectly in that niche. Anyway, you’ll be surprised to know that your product could be able to reach other niches. Explore your product thoroughly and you’ll find unique features, smart processes or cutting-edge technologies. Hence, you’ll easily go beyond your niche and find someone interested in talking about your product’s uniqueness. 

6. Ride the long tail

If you are a startup or a small studio, you need a bottom-up communication strategy. Put aside TechCrunch or TheNextWeb for a while and focus on small blogs and niche communities. You will gradually raise the bar later on.

7. Leverage the power of the cloud

You have this perfect press release and you’d like to include it in your email message. You might decide to attach a pdf file, but I really suggest you to share it: Dropbox in particular provides you with links for extremely fast sharing. You upload a file or create a folder, get the link and paste it in your email. Easy as pie. Your email will be super light and your press release will perform at its best.

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