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7 useful marketing techniques to promote your mobile game

If you're daunted by the prospect of finding users for your mobile game, use these marketing techniques to get ahead.

Herbert Llanas

March 23, 2017

4 Min Read

Having your own mobile game created in a new revolution is indeed a great achievement. Gaming on mobile phones have now become the biggest thing every youngster mainly wants to do on their mobile phones. There are millions of gaming applications created every single day for your usage and interest. But is also essential to promote your game in order to make customers aware of it. Competing with the present gaming platform is certainly not easy as it seems. You are not going to get customers the very day you release your game. Things aren’t so easy just like that.

It is essential to start a marketing plan and think how you would be able to spread the word about your game and make it the most famous game on everyone’s mobiles.

1. Make Your Game Accessible

Your game is not going to be user friendly if it only supports one or two stores in the mobile phone market. As we know there is a number of stores prepared which every mobile phone runs in. It is essential to look into this area. You cannot make people purchase the phone which has the accessible store to your game only which wouldn’t happen. Therefore try to cater it for all so that it could be shared among friends, family and colleagues to spread the interest of your game. Google play, integrated operating system IOS, amazon app store are some popular one used among many people in the present.

2. Make It Free for A Short Period

It will take a while until people actually experience the adventure and adrenaline by playing your game. We all would want to taste before ordering a dish. Likewise give people a chance to figure out whether it deserves to be purchased or not. After a few weeks or so your app could move on to introduce the premium version to them in order to gain profits and fame.

3. Reviews Speak Aloud

Before we could download an application we all go through reviews. Maybe not all but majority does in order to get an idea of the experiences past users have gained by installing the app to their mobile phone. Receiving good and decent reviews about your game is very essential at this point especially if you have just began to promote your brand new game to the world. Happy customers always have nice and beautiful words to offer for the expansion of your product. So do be keen about getting good reviews as that has a weight than you would ever know.

Not everyone is so kind to provide anything free these days. But we are lucky enough to hear that there are few sites which allow free marketing, one called mobilestartupz.com is a site which allows you to promote your advertisement on their page and allows you to keep it over for even as long as a month.

5. Try Making A Simple Video for Few Minutes

We all tent to watch videos on YouTube due to any reason which comes up to our mind. May it be a trailer, a song, a film or even how to break your mobile phone is right there for you to watch and enjoy. So getting someone to actually play the game and express its functions and experiences gained would be a great way to get people to try out your newly created game. Make sure your videos don’t last too long or else you would also getting bored viewers. Many game makers have tried this method of promotions and gained a very high profit margin and exposure.

6. Make Your Icon Attractive

When going on a game hunt in your store on your mobile phone I am sure we just look that those colorful bling bling apps just created to rock your eyes. Well, that’s even the main idea which they made it look that way. If your icon is attractive, trust me. People would stop their fingers scrolling and pick your app to know more about it. Having a dull and bored colors shaded sadly would not get you enough customers. So, your game can be valuable but you need to show it with your perfect icon.

7. Presentation Matters

I too have come across some mobile gaming apps which have confused me in selecting my preferred option. I have also got it deleted and dusted all its bits and pieces from my mobile phone due to its confusing organization of information and details. It is important to keep your details and images simple and clear. Make the options user friendly so that you would not only be attracting mobile freaks or mathematicians to play your game. From the beginning of opening your game, it is necessary to keep your customer guided regarding its rules and regulations and options and descriptions clear in order for the player to gain a great experience by playing.  

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