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7 Effective Tips for Managing Your Remote Dev Team

With 7 little tips learn how you can effectively manage your remote dev team.

Sarah Kearns, Blogger

February 22, 2018

3 Min Read

Managing any remote team brings its difficulties. Without everyone in the same room or building, communication is slowed down and information sharing can be tricky.

However, the benefits usually outweigh the logistical issues. With a remote team, you’re able to hire the best developer talent from anywhere across the globe, provided they’ve got the right software and a fast internet connection. This makes it much more likely that you’ll achieve your developing goals with the quality and the speed you require.

Here are seven effective tips for managing your remote dev team:

1. Stick to Good Development Practice

With an outsourced development team at your disposal, you can be tempted to take on too much at once. This can lead to poor results. Don’t attempt too many projects at the same time. And for the projects you do choose to work on, be sure to complete, test and refine every new system in turn.

2. Employ Video Conferencing

Sometimes you need to get everyone together to share ideas, updates and queries. To do this you’ll need to find an excellent video conferencing tool that everyone can access easily. When you’ve found one explore all of the tool’s capabilities so you’re using it to best effect when you open your first meeting.

3. Create Instructional Videos

If you’re working with a remote team that covers a variety of different time zones, you might not always be available to give support when it’s needed. Create a number of instructional videos that cover the basics of your requirements and technology. That way your team will have a handy reference to answer their queries and be able to keep working no matter how your office hours coincide.

4. Establish a Secure Connection

When you have a host of employees developing remotely, you need to be sure that your connections are 100% secure. The only way to do this is with a VPN internet connection. That way you can rest assured that your website and all of your data are safe from any prying eyes or malicious attack.

5. Get Your Team to Give Daily Updates

Staying on top of a whole team of remote developers can be tough. Ask your developers to send you a daily update of the work they have completed. It could be a video message or just an email. Make life easier for yourself by getting all developers to send their update in the same way and then go through each message every day to keep abreast of progress.

6. Set Clear Goals

Remote workers don’t have the boss breathing down their neck if they’re running a little too close to a deadline. Therefore, setting clear expectations for the quality and quantity of work to be produced is essential. Also, help your developers to understand the wider context and ultimate goals of the project. Who are your customers and what problem are you trying to solve for them? Putting their work into this context will help them to deliver more effectively on the brief.

7. Get to Know Your Team

It can be tricky to develop a rapport with a remote team. However, going beyond the standard workday chat can be useful for everyone involved. Your team will feel more valued and motivated. And you get to learn a little about their preferred work style, their strengths and their weaknesses. This then helps you to assign work effectively and get the most out of your remote dev team.

With the right approach and the right software, you can get your remote dev team working like a well-oiled machine. Find alternative ways to communicate effectively and stick to good development practice in order to meet your objectives.

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