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4 ways to promote your game on social media

"4 ways to promote your game on social media" is a worksheet that provides a great list of content ideas that takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour to create.

Drew Giovannoli, Blogger

January 28, 2015

2 Min Read

Available for download here: 4 ways to promote your game on social media

Below is a list of content that takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour to create. Post it first on your blog, and then share links to it on social networks, remembering game specific communities like r/gamedev on reddit.

1. Screenshots

- Characters

- Levels

- Obstacles 

- Villains

Screenshots are a fast and effective way to make great content. Share what you’re working on to let the audience know what they have to look forward to. Add two to three sentences to provide some backstory and voila, you have a blog post!

2. Video Clips

- Game play videos
- Interview your designer about the game
- Have a cool office? Show where all the magic happens

Don't worry if your game isn’t far enough along to show game play videos. If you're sharing your alpha or beta product, people will understand. If you have an iPad and mac, game play videos are easier than you think! (http://bit.ly/1sYK4Qj)

3. Share your Inspiration

- Share your favorite games that inspired you. People who like the same games are more likely to try what you're building.

Talk about things that inspired your design. Is it retro based, modern, futuristic?

4. Talk about your development process 

- Figure out a cool solution? Share it with others
- Run into a major problem? See if other devs have gone through the same thing


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