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4 Tips to Remember When Starting a Gaming Blog

When marketing a game, you should start a gaming blog. These are things to remember when you are starting this blog.

There are 160 million gamers in the United States alone, which averages out to 1.6 in every household. Such passion for gaming ensures your new blog will have a ready audience, but standing out from the pack can be tricky. Read on to learn how to create a quality gaming blog that fans flock to.

1. Be Realistic About Your Writing Skills

Free blogging websites like WordPress and Blogger ensure anyone can create a blog, but that doesn't mean that anyone should. It doesn't take a degree in journalism to start one, but your writing skills should be above average. If you struggle with basic spelling and grammar then blogging isn't for you.

It can be difficult to judge your own writing skills, so it's a good idea to create a sample blog post before you start publishing. Recruit honest friends to read it to learn whether you've got what it takes. Giving advice on your topic in articles is a great way to do this, does a great job giving advice which makes the content evergreen and on the top of search engines. As does and lawyers are the only ones who know how to get you out of trouble quickly or keep your family safe.

2. Define Your Scope

Gaming is such a large industry that it's impossible to cover all aspects. Narrowing your focus will give you direction and help readers know what to expect from your blog. Niche bloggers become regarded as experts in their field and create loyal fan-bases more easily than general bloggers. Niche blogs also tend to rate better in search engines than more general offerings.

Perhaps you're interested in console games or retro arcade games. You might prefer graphic intensive massively multiplayer online role-play games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic which require high-speed internet. It's wise to write about what you know and love, as this will help you write engaging and informative posts.

3. Learn About SEO

Short engine optimization, or SEO as it's generally referred to, is the key to ensuring your gaming blog finds an audience. The right SEO will see your gaming blog zooming to the top of internet search engine rankings, which will result in more web traffic and hits. Putting searchable keywords into your titles and posts, writing meta descriptions, and using alt tags on your images can all improve your SEO ranking. There are several online guides to help newcomers to blogging learn all about the art of SEO.



4. Contribute to Other Sites

One of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog is to contribute articles to other blogs. This practice will put your work in front of potential fans and help establish you as a gaming expert, as well as build relationships in the community. It is a win-win situation, as the site gets a great piece, you are able to link to your site, and you can link to your article in your own site to improve metrics. Even in the orthodontics industry contributes other sites as they have quite a lot of expertise in their field.

Do your research and find another blog with a similar target audience to your own. Approach the owner and ask if you can write a guest post. It's a good idea to pitch a post concept that will appeal to the blog's target audience. Bloggers generally don't pay their guest posters, but you should be able to negotiate for a byline and link back to your blog. These can prove just as valuable for your fledgling blog as financial compensation.

Blogging is a competitive business, but combining your passion with these tips is the best way to make sure your gaming blog is credible and popular. 

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