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12 Best Ideas That can Help Boosting Download of Your Mobile App

Making more people download and use your app is the objective of your mobile strategy, right? But how can you let your app grow in terms of download numbers and user base? Well, there is few time-tested ways that are still important to drive downloads.

Bharat Mamtora, Blogger

September 27, 2016

7 Min Read

Here below we are going to introduce 12 most effective ideas that can help boosting download of your mobile app. 

1. Focusing on UX marketing, not the app

What makes an app stand out from others today? Yes, it is the user experience (UX) that plays a key role in making an app popular and discoverable. Naturally, marketing an app amounts to no significant message for the user until your marketing efforts can focus on the UX. How the user can be delighted with a more rewarding user experience that finally helps an app stand out from the others. The uniqueness, ease of use and addressing user concerns, are the three critical elements that a great user experience must provide. 

2. Blogging and video for driving organic traffic 

Inbound marketing strategy for your app can utilize blogging and video to drive traffic.  Blogging, first of all, will ensure building organic traffic through search engine optimization. Secondly, a video can be a great way to let the word spread about your app. The video can be an app demo or just a promotional video that by targeting large audience can enhance your scope of getting more views. You can display the video on social channels, your website, video sharing platforms and obviously on the landing page of your app in the App Store or Google Play.

3. Fresh, unique content

Just the same way we give priority to content quality over the web in mobile apps also it deserves same pride of place. Actually, contents make the body of an app while all other elements just adorn it and make it more usable and accessible. 

Your in-app contents should improve constantly with frequent updates on the basis of customer feedback. 

Push your existing users to download the new update and give feedback. Do this with a prompted note at login, through a push notification message or simply by showing the update link prominently in the navigation panel. 

With every app update, you should also update the app description and inform about the new update with a prominent CTA button in “What’s New” section on the product page of your app store. 

4. Make in-app feedback a big tool 

In-app feedback is a great tool to retain users. This allows knowing how your users really feel about your app. This is equally crucial to address the issues, fix the glitches and engage customers by giving them a voice. 

In-app feedback should be extremely easy and thoroughly integrated within the app. 

Do not ask them to give feedback through an email, social post, or other means. Let them talk to you by using the same interface. 

Encourage customers giving feedback at the right moment. 

Finally, say ‘thank you’ and let them know that you have heard the feedback. 

Do not forget to come with follow-up for issues raised and complaints made. 

When you address an issue cited by your customer feedback in the next update, do not forget to mention their contribution. 

5. Loyalty programs

What an app loyalty program does? Well, it plays a great role in converting casual users into proactive evangelists for the app. How can you practice this? In the world of apps, this is done mainly through various types of rewards systems, gamification and by allowing them to track their rewards points through the purchase made. 

Push for proactive engagement with your loyalty programs. 

Send them messages and notify them about their reward points and achievements. 

Avoid creating a feeling similar to spams by pushing irrelevant messages. 

6. Personalized messaging

Personalized messaging these days has evolved as a great tool to show customers how we care for their preferences, choices and disliking. It works like one-to-one marketing that addresses customers with the individual preferences and constraints in mind.  You can easily grasp over customer insights through mobile analytics, user journey mapping, and location data. Two strategic elements are important in this respect. Here we mention them below. 

You need to address users following a careful and deeper segmentation of the audience. When focusing on a particular segment for some time, you can be more equipped to send individual messages to anyone belonging to that audience group. 

When messaging finding the perfect “mobile moments” based on the user context is crucial. Your messages will get a positive hearing and become appreciated if you can send messages at the right moment. Stay away from personal messaging in wrong mobile moments like the time customer is making a purchase. 

7. Boosting organic page ranks

When app users should discover and install an app on their own, it happens due to the organic page ranks. Ranking higher on the app store is more important than other strategies to get organic users. The burst campaigns focused on short-term, focused advertising may drive sudden volume of downloads and the popularity can help ranking the app higher. Besides such quicker responsive strategies, it is imperative to make the basics of ASO (App Store Optimization) perfect. 

8. Mobile app marketing deserves more resources 

A lot of marketers across the business niches undermines the role of mobile advertising. This results in a miserly allocation of the marketing budget for mobile app marketing. But, apps are now more powerful marketing tool than many other conventional avenues. Do you know 80% of consumers prefer receiving location-based alerts on their mobile devices?  The latest range of location-based technologies like Beacons and geo-fencing allows a bigger scope for adopting to push notification marketing.

9. Focus on influencer marketing 

While every app strives to become viral as soon as it hits the app store, without influencing too many people it is not possible. But how can you make people talk about your app? How can you influence them to have a positive notion about your app? Well, if you cannot back the app marketing with tons of cash, it is the influencers you need to bank upon.  Try to reach out to key web influencers, social media personalities with a great follower base and credible audience and potential bloggers respected for their unbiased approach in the app category. 

10. Make your launch big 

You can make your app launch big enough to gain instant user attention and give your app a solid push in the app marketplace. For this, you need to plan a pre-launch campaign and focus on creating hype early.  An interesting “Coming soon” website for your app can be a great strategy if you can follow it with respective SEO efforts, blogging and by building a mailing list. 

Secondly, make you launch big by spreading the word far and wide. The creating hype with your app launch can be effective through following measures. 

Give your audience promo codes through social media.

Run promotional contests related to the app. 

Further, enhance the presence of your app by coinciding your campaign with a big event or any trending topic. 

11. Paid app marketing 

Paid advertising is still one of the most popular marketing strategies to push the download numbers among target audience in quick time. Paid app marketing is unleashed through different channels comprising app stores, social media, gaming apps and other web apps. Besides the tried and tested channels new and unique methods like Cost Per Install (CPI) and retargeting campaigns emerged as more effective. 

12. Measuring your success through KPIs 

Finally, you need to evaluate your marketing through effective and relevant KPIs. You need to focus on the particular KPIs that are more relevant for app marketing including app store ranking, app store optimization, organic user acquisition, loyal user acquisition and cost-per-download. It is also important to evaluate the significance of each KPI from time to time. In any case, the objectives of your app marketing should coincide with the strategic goals of your marketing.

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