10 Surprising Google Play Facts Based on Hard Data

This is a summary post which is a collection of the best posts in the group which are picked from a weeks data. These posts mainly concentrate on app marketing techniques.

This week we had some awesome discussions in the App Entrepreneurs Group. I have picked the top discussions below and summarized them.


What is a Patent and Can Getting a Patent Protect Your App ?

An interesting article has been shared in the group by an entrepreneur which talks about what a patent is and will the patent really protect the app idea. It also talks about the complete process of getting a patent for your app or a software.

Is There Any Bug From Google Play Which Caused a Major Drop in App Installs For Most of the Apps?

One of the app entrepreneur’s from the group who developed many apps has seen a major drop in app installs since april 28th. The drop in installs happened for all the apps which he developed. When a question regarding the same has been posted in the group, other app entrepreneurs shared how their apps were effected and what they did to change the trend.



10 Surprising Google Play Facts Based on Hard Data

Manoj Pravakar Saha an app entrepreneur who is mostly interested in App store optimization and app marketing has been working on to crawl google play (US) to create a dataset of all the apps in the app store. He was able to gather a huge amount of data and provide a shape to it. Later, he ran few queries of his interest and was surprised by the results for the queries.

What is the best budget to promote an app and how to plan the investments ?

Is there any fixed budget for an app promotion and are there any pre defined ways to invest the budget for app promotion ? These are very frequently asked questions by most of the app entrepreneurs these days to get help for their app promotion. One of the app entrepreneurs in the group had similar kind of questions, check the kind of responses he got from the experts .

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