Starfield will enlist for official mod support in early 2024

Charting course for the Mod system.

Bethesda confirmed Starfield's built-in mod support is in the works and will be released early next year. 

In a blog post outlining upcoming changes to the space RPG, the developer said its mod support (dubbed Creations) will launch across PC and Xbox Series X|S. It plans to have the game's Creations function similar to that of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 when both of those received official support. 

Mods are a part of almost all big games on PC, and Bethesda allowed for mod support within console versions of Fallout 4 and Skyrim (with the latter's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One re-release). In 2017, it formed the Creation Club, which collected third-party mods (and some from Bethesda) for both games that players could buy. 

It's not surprising to hear that Starfield will have mod support, given the importance of mods and how they can often be a gateway into entering the larger game development scene. But the upcoming mod support for this game has a slightly different key to it.

Gentlemen, start your mod engines

In the full week since Starfield's release, modders have spent that time fixing bugs or adding features the base game lacks, such as improved UI for inventory and health. As Polygon noted last week, players created 700 mods for the game before it was even out for those who didn't buy the premium edition that granted early access.

Questions about mods and who stands to benefit from them can be raised here, particularly since Bethesda seems actively aware of how much of a boon said mods are. In their blog, they acknowledge that "our PC community is already very active in the modding space."

"Modding and creating in our games will always be a vital and important part of who we are," it added, "and we love seeing the community get off to such a strong start."

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