Roblox is using itself to virtually interview future hires

For those who want to work at Roblox Corp. but don't live in California for an in-person interview.

Applicants at Roblox Corp. are being allowed to use Roblox as a platform for interviews. Per Axios, Roblox Corp. is allowing potential hires to use their avatars in the Roblox Career Center to hold virtual interviews for the start of the hiring process. 

The company realizes that the practice helps extend its reach to applicants and "eliminate geographic constraints from the recruiting process." Not everyone is based in California, and virtual interviews allow for a good balance between in-person and audio or video chat. 

Roblox has been around since 2006, and it was noted that applicants should be well-suited to interviews held in the platform, since they grew up within it. Older teens and late-20s adults have been big drivers for Roblox this year, which goes to further the company's faith in its virtual center.

With Roblox being available on a variety of systems, from PC to Meta Quest and Xbox One, there are a number of ways for job hunters to have an interview.

Roblox is applying to be a prime metaverse destination

A Roblox Corp. representative explained to Axios that virtual interviews are currently only being done for "small number of early career candidates," but will always be optional. Interviewers and interviewees will need to make a Roblox avatar and can use emojis as a method of communication.

Even though it's only being conducted for a small pool of applicants, Roblox's career center also shows how enmeshed the platform has become with real life. The idea of the metaverse dates back to the likes of Second Life and PlayStation Home, and Roblox seems to be taking the whole thing to a logical next step with these in-app interviews.

And because Roblox started to grow out from PC during the 2010s, it has a leg up on Meta's Horizon Worldswhich is similarly trying to court a younger crowd as part of its metaverse plans. 

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