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Neverwinter beta exploit leads to server rollback

Following a devastating currency exploit affecting Neverwinter's in-game economy over the weekend, the MMO's developers elected to roll back its servers.

Kris Ligman

May 20, 2013

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A devastating exploit hit Neverwinter over the weekend, resulting in millions of Astral Diamonds -- the title's in-game currency -- to flood into the system. Faced with potentially catastrophic damage to its in-game economy, Neverwinter's developers elected to perform a rollback on the game's servers. "Thanks in no small part to the efforts of our continually amazing Beta community, we were able to quickly identify the exploit and the perpetrators," the team wrote in its official announcement concerning the rollback. "Once identified, we took immediate action, calling in the entire development and publishing teams to lock down the Neverwinter OBT as we sought out a solution." "Rather than let the malicious efforts of a few unsavory players linger and continually impact the game's economy and balance as we progress through these later stages of Open Beta, we have made the extremely difficult decision to rollback Neverwinter to a time shortly before the abuse and exploitation began." In all, servers were rolled back seven hours, voiding player progress in that time span. Although a number of players on its official forums are vocally upset, the Neverwinter team thanked its Beta players for their patience and participation throughout the Beta. "We will be sending a thank-you gift to players and opening ourselves up on the forums and various other channels to answer any and all questions we can." Neverwinter's servers and auction house were offline temporarily following the rollback, but all systems are now online and functioning. The game will be entering into official release later this year.

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