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NBA 2K24 is adding a second, $20 season pass for players to buy

In this case, it shouldn't take two.

Justin Carter

August 17, 2023

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The late Kobe Bryant as the poster athlete for NBA 2K24.

2K confirmed its upcoming NBA 2K24 will come with two premium season passes. 

Respectively labeled Pro (for $10) and Hall of Fame ($20), the passes will each come with their own individual in-game rewards throughout each Season during NBA 2K24's lifetime. These will also exist alongside the free rewards experience track that all players start with upon booting up the game. 

And if owners of the Pro pass decide they want to trade up to Hall of Fame, they can pay another $10 upgrade and balance things out.

Live service games with season passes only have one premium track, and they're usually priced at $10 (or, in the recent case of Destiny 2a little more). Having an extra paid pass on top of another feels somewhat artificial, especially since we now know executives at parent company Take-Two get bonus pay in part due to player spending.

Moreover, earlier entries in the franchise, like NBA 2K22 and last year's NBA 2K23, were criticized for overly relying on microtransactions. While there's only one linear progression path in place for players in NBA 2K24, having three seasonal tracks for them to choose between feels overly complicated. 

Seasons in last year's NBA 2K23 lasted for six weeks, and that will continue with 2K24. When all is said and done, those who buy the Hall of Fame pass for 2K24 will have spent a good amount of money on the game throughout its lifetime.

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