A Space for the Unbound devs reclaim publishing rights

Mojiken Studios and Toge Productions now have the publishing rights to A Space for the Unbound following a months-long dispute with PQube Games.

Indonesian developer Mojiken Studio announced on Twitter that it's received the publishing rights to its adventure game, A Space for the Unbound

"We're pleased to confirm that Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, PQube, and Chorus Worldwide have reached an agreement to the satisfaction of all parties," reads the statement. "Toge, Mojiken, and PQube are grateful for the support of Chorus in bringing together a mutually agreeable resolution, and respectfully wish each other well in their future endeavors. 

In August, Mojiken and publisher Toge Productions released a statement alleging that UK publisher PQube Games was withholding the game's Western publishing rights, along with funds previously promised to the developers. As a result, Mojiken and Toge said the game would be indefinitely delayed until the rights issues were solved. 

Shortly after Mojiken and Toge's statement, developer Corecell accused PQube of similarly withholding the publishing rights of its title, AeternoBlade II. In both instances, PQube refuted the separate claims of Mojiken and Corecell. 

As a result of the recent agreement reached, indie publisher Chorus (The Coma 2, Dungeon Munchies) will now publish the console versions of A Space for the Unbound worldwide. Toge will continue to be worldwide publisher for the PC version. 

Additionally, all parties used the statement to clarify that "all grant monies" received by PQube have since gone to Toge, and that PQube has "fully supported" returning Western publishing rights to Toge. 

"No further public statements will be made on this matter by Toge, Mojiken, PQube, or Chorus." 

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