A Space for the Unbound developer Mojikin accuses publishers of "exploitative" practices

Mojiken Studios and Toge Productions allege that PQube Games have exploited them to secure a diversity fund, then withheld those funds for its own ends.

A Space for the Unbound, an upcoming adventure game from Mojiken Studio and published by Toge Productions, has been indefinitely delayed. In a statement released on Twitter, the developers explain that they terminated their partnership with the game's Western publisher, PQube Games.

"PQube Games...had done certain things which have left us feeling manipulated and exploited," reads the statement. 

Announced in 2020A Space for the Unbound is a "slice of life" game set in 1990s rural Indonesia, and stars two kids with supernatural abilities. It was initially planned to release sometime this year. 

Toge and Mojiken allege that PQube used the studios' status as Indonesian developers to secure a diversity fund from a "well known console platform." However, PQube allegedly withheld those funds to use against the developers and negotiate the increase of its revenue share. 

"We are absolutely heartbroken that a party we worked with would do this, and a project we've worked on for 7 years has been taken advantage of in such a way," the developers continue. The statement further alleges that PQube is refusing to hand over console publishing rights back to the developers. 

"It is with a heavy heart that we must hold back the release of A Space for the Unbound so that we can make new arrangements and ensure that it is published as intended, and in a way that is consistent with our and our community's values." 

Game Developer reached out to PQube Games, which refuted the claims, saying it "honored all obligations" of its publishing agreement with the developers throughout A Space for the Unbound's development. 

"Toge Productions have sought for some time to unilaterally enforce unreasonable revised terms to our agreement," continued PQube. "It is disappointing that, as a result of not achieving that, and despite PQube's significant efforts to accommodate this, Toge have sought to deal with the matter in this way." 

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