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'Expectations for us are high': New PlayStation CEOs outline their vision of the future

Sony Interactive Entertainment has a new corporate structure and two CEOs, but how will that impact its developers?

Chris Kerr, News Editor

June 4, 2024

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Sony Interactive Entertainment's new CEOs have pitched their vision of the future and claim employees must prepare to evolve and adapt in a market increasingly driven by "digital transformation."

It's a period of significant change at SIE. Former president Jim Ryan has been replaced by two CEOs in the form of Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino.

The double appointment was part of a broader plan to implement a new, multi-pronged business structure that will see Nishino take charge of SIE Platform Business Group while Hulst oversees SIE Studios Business Group.

In their new roles, Hulst will be responsible for first-party content development and publishing, while Nishino will lead the teams tasked with creating the experiences and technology within PlayStation products. Third-party publisher and developer relations will also be his responsibility.

Those who survived the recent layoffs at PlayStation Studios are being asked to usher in a new era of "profitability" and "growth" in a shifting environment that's being shaped by emerging technologies.

PlayStation leaders hope new structure will foster creativity and drive growth

Hulst and Nishino feel the new structure will "foster greater creativity and innovation" as Sony searches for new ways to grow its business, but stressed "expectations for us are high."

"Play and storytelling are fundamental to society. People are exploring new ways to interact with games just as the passionate creators within our studios and our development partners craft incredibly rich stories and immersive new ways to play and build communities," reads an email penned by the two CEOs.

"The inspiring technical talent within our engineering teams drive the creation of cutting-edge hardware and services, empowering game developers with the very best tools and ensuring gamers have the very best experiences. We are one SIE and all of us are essential to delivering these amazing experiences and share in our continued success.

"Expectations for us are high and we aim to drive improving profitability. Technology has fundamentally changed the way we make and play games and more people are gaming than ever before. Digital transformation has changed the way we engage with our customers and the way we work. We recognize the world is evolving and we must prepare ourselves for growth in this environment."

Both CEOs claim it's an " exciting time" to be making video games and implored staff to continue their journey as "trailblazers" under the Sony banner. They also promised more regular communication between SIE leaders and employees.

"Two distinct Business Groups will enable us to have more rigor and clarity across our lines of business as SIE continues to grow and evolve," continues the email. "As we step into our new roles, we will take time to deepen our understanding about various aspects of the business. In the coming weeks you will receive information about a future Town Hall, and moving forward, we plan to communicate with you regularly."

You can read the full email on the Sony Interactive website.

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