Portal Lead Kim Swift's New 'Fascinating And Quirky' Game Coming From Square Enix

The next game from Portal and Left 4 Dead lead Kim Swift (now at Dark Void's Airtight Games) will be published by Square Enix, the company revealed Monday, and will likely be aimed at a broad market.
The next game from Portal and Left 4 Dead lead Kim Swift will be published by Square Enix, the company revealed Monday. The unannounced game will be unveiled this weekend, in anticipation of a Saturday night public presentation at this weekend's PAX Prime expo in Seattle. The game is being developed by Dark Void developer Airtight Games, which hired Swift away from Valve in 2009. Though no details on the game have been revealed, it is worth noting that at the time of her hire, Airtight said that it was a step into a strategic move to move its product line "into new and broader gaming markets," and that Swift herself would "build and lead a team in the development of games aimed at a more diverse audience." Airtight Games' website describes two unannounced titles: one of them an "ambitious AAA title in a genre that is both unique and refreshingly unexplored," and the other an "exciting new mid sized game with all kinds of physical possibilities." Additionally, the official panel description calls the title "an incredibly fascinating and quirky game." Airtight Games is located in Redmond, Washington (not far from Valve's headquarters in Bellevue), and was founded by the core developers behind FASA Interactive's Crimson Skies: High Road.

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