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Attila F. Szenczi-Molnar

Attila F. Szenczi-Molnar



Free-To-Play & Mobile Game Designer and Producer, growing casual live games at Activision Blizzard King.


Master of Science in Game Design. Thesis on Accessibility Heuristics and Evaluation Criteria. Leadership and Professional Track.


Passionate game designer and producer with about 5 years games industry experience. 3 years in film/commercial industries as a production designer.

During my career I’ve released several mobile titles, 3 of which grew to be flagship casual and hyper-casual games for HTML5 Cross-platform, Messengers, or the App Stores. Currently working at King on Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

I have also released an Indie PC game on Steam called Super Dashmatch!

I also play competitive Fortnite and have played competitive Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942.




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