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Richard van Tol


Sander Huiberts and Richard van Tol (doctoral candidates game audio design, game accessibility researchers, audio game developers) Richard and Sander are both completing their doctorates at the University of Portsmouth (England), researching game audio design. They each have an M.A. in Audio Design, and teach game audio design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (the Netherlands). Sander and Richard researched the accessibility of games for gamers with disabilities at the Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation (Netherlands). They have been active in the field of game accessibility since 2001, developing and researching blind-accessible games such as Drive -- a racing game for the blind and managing projects such as Game-Accessibility.com -- a community website about accessible gaming and Audio Game Maker -- a game development tool for the blind. They also founded AudioGames.net, a community website for gamers and researchers that focuses on audio games (games that consist of sound only).

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