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Peter Rakos


Peter Rakos is a project manager responsible for several software development projects in the telco and financial sectors (T-Online, GE Money Bank). He got over the usual children's illnesses in his childhood including chickenpox, German measles and the "3D engine craving" disease, but fortunately he became totally resistant against them. Not knowing about his resistance against the 3D engines he tried to create his own ultra-fast, highly-optimized, feature-rich, revolutionary, very-next-generation 3D engines with every possible tools he found around him like Z80 assembly-, i86 assembly-, C-compilers and later Excel as well. His career clearly demonstrates that technological untalentedless gets on well with lack of business sense. Despite of this he holds an MSc. in Informatics and MBA degrees proving that there is always hope and the fortune can find even the most untalented ones as well. Peter can be contacted at [email protected].

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