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Peter Lincroft


Peter Lincroft is President and Lead Programmer at Ansible Software. He graduated with honors from the University of California in computer science. His first title was Pipe Dream, which he programmed single-handedly in just seven weeks. He went on to program his first 3D graphics engine for Lawrence Holland on the Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe project. Peter continued to work with Lawrence, helping to create the game software development company that would eventually become Totally Games, Inc. Peter was the lead technical programmer for Totally Games until April of 1998, when he left to form his own company, Ansible Software, Inc. His list of published titles includes Pipe Dream, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, X-Wing: Star Wars Space Combat Simulator, X-Wing CD, TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter CD, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. These titles have sold over 3 million copies, and won numerous "game of the year" awards. TIE Fighter CD was recently named the "best game ever" by PC Gamer magazine.

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