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Nicole Goodfellow


Nicole Goodfellow joined Torus in late 2006 as an Associate Producer. After a swift promotion to Producer, Nicole has managed the development of 14 separate titles across 6 SKUs with 3 major publishing partners. In 1990, Nicole started to pursue a career in media. With a BA in Communications (film, writing and video production) and an Associate Diploma in accounting, she quickly amassed an eclectic work history of television production; including writing, management, video editing and audio engineering. Nicole's skills easily transferred to games production, while at the same time providing a unique perspective on the industry from another media background. Her main personal and professional areas of interest are in animation, film and writing, all of which have provided a strong framework for her current profession in the games industry. Nicole is currently managing the production of Torus' latest unannounced project while also assisting with Torus business development, as well as investigating the possibility of further postgraduate study in the field of professional writing. She lives Melbourne's East and dreams one day of polishing the dust off her surfboard.

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