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Mary Jane Irwin Headshot

Mary Jane Irwin


As a young lass, Mary Jane Irwin bullied her way into the media world thanks to her tenacity, sheer will and wit. Mary Jane may also be able to control minds. She clawed her way from frat house to club house, laying waste to such fine publications as IGN.com, Business 2.0, Valleywag.com, Wired magazine and Forbes.com. But despite her upward mobility, Mary Jane could never escape her videogame-filled past. For the last six years her dreams have been plagued by mushroom men and space marines -- a chilling side effect of writing about the culture, business and wares of the games industry. Still, she plays on, hoping one day she’ll outlive the zombie horde, nuclear apocalypse, or Piñata garden. Mary Jane does love other things too. Like bunnies. MJ (as the kids call her) also writes about business, culture, technology and the mighty Internet.

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