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Joshua Dallman


Joshua has been a producer and designer since 2004. As an indie developer he has produced titles published by Big Fish Games, Real Arcade, and Cherry Credits. As a producer for GarageGames for two years, he produced 40 games for the GarageGames Game Store, 12 games for InstantAction, and evaluated hundreds of game submissions, proposals, and pitches. He designed 10 games for Luma Arcade for mobile, iPhone, Xbox, and InstantAction platforms. He designed for Playdom/Disney as a Studio Lead Designer including work on Wild Ones, Tiki Resort, and Social City. He designed multiple social games at Digital Chocolate as San Mateo Studios lead designer and contributed to their portfolio across the board including work on Millionaire City and Island God. He is published in the Thomson Course Technology book Business and Production for Games and is a four time judge of the Independent Game Festival. He is currently the head of design and production at mobile social developer TinyCo.

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