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John Li first started programming and producing graphics back in the early 80’s above a Chinese take-away on his trusty ZX81. After a brief encounter of engineering in higher education he decided to change his career path and successfully pursued a degree in ‘Industrial Design with Applied Technologies’ at Sheffield Hallam University. His first break within the games industry involved working as a freelance 3D artist for small start-up firm. He then joined Pixelogic Games Ltd in 1998, his role within the company involved designing and implementing game-play content. During his time at Pixelogic, he has had the pleasure to work with a dedicated team of talented individuals on three successfully released titles from start to finish as ‘Level Designer’ for PSX Jeff Wayne’s - War of the Worlds (not to be confused with the PC version) and as Lead Designer on the PSX and PC The Italian Job. When time permits outside of work, he actively enjoys playing bass with as many people as possible and generally spends far too much time socialising in pubs. He can be reached at [email protected]

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