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Jean-Michel Ringuet


Jean-Michel Ringuet, born in France, 1967, is a digital artist. He had a very traditional education in illustration and painting in French artschools. He is now mixing this classical background with new graphic styles. He has been working in the videogame industry since 1992 (on PC and consoles games like Savage Warriors, Tomb raider 2, Wild 9, XMen Mutant Academy, Battle Realms). He is skilled in concept design, modelling, texturing and animating. He works usually with 3DSMax. He also paints and draws, on comission or for pleasure. JM Ringuet is trying to achieve different effects with the digital medium to enhance his style, mostly influenced by classic illustration, animated movies, comics and manga. You can contact Jean-Michel at: [email protected] ,or visit his website at: www.jmringuet.com/main.htm

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