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Guy Whitmore Headshot

Guy Whitmore


Guy Whitmore has composed numerous game scores since 1994, as well as writing for theater, film, and commercial media. He has garnered many accolades, including a 1996 nomination for Best Soundtrack from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. He has contributed articles on game audio to several publications, including Game Developer Magazine and an upcoming book on DirectX Audio. He has spoken at several GDCs Digi-Pen, Cornish College, Sputnik (IGDA-Seattle), and at IMX (Interactive Music Expo). Guy serves on the advisory board for G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild), and DirectX Audio. He also co-founded the SCA (Seattle Composers Alliance). Among his peers, Guy is considered a leading composer and innovator of adaptive game scores. Computer Games magazine called his score for No One Lives Forever ‘the best interactive music seen in an action game!’

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