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Gary McNickle Headshot

Gary McNickle


A self-taught programmer, Gary started his career in the late 80s, doing contract programming work in Pascal. He put off learning C for years, but finally gave in and taught himself the language by writing a MUD in 1996. This experience was his first foray into game development. He migrated to C++ in 1997 and eventually got his foot in the game industry in 2000 at Sunstorm Interactive, where he was hired to fix the ailing multiplayer code for Deer Hunter 2004. Gary worked on some eleven titles for Sunstorm, including Deer Hunter, Wild Wings, and Duke Nukem Manhatten Project. After Sunstorm closed in 2003, he did a short stint in the telephony business working at Interactive Intelligence before Gabriel Interactive called. At Gabriel, Gary worked on the John Deere and Caterpillar Tycoon games before finally turning in his hat to spend more time with his family. Gary is currently working on a MMORPG personal project in his spare time which focuses on artificial learning and simulated, evolving persistent environments.

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