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Erik Van Pelt


Erik Van Pelt is currently the Lead Animator for Coresoft Inc., a third party developer based in Southern California. A 10 year veteran of the computer games industry Erik is credited on more than 15 published titles, for a number of studios including, EA, Reflexive Entertainment, and Black Ops Entertainment. Originally pursuing a career in traditional animation, Erik got his start as a part of a prototype student internship program at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Following the completion of this internship Erik was name a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar and awarded a full scholarship to study abroad in Europe. After returning to the United States, he fulfilled a professional dream of animating for Warner Bros Classics. By then, the renaissance experienced by the traditional animation market in the 90’s had plateauaed and the demand for traditional animators began to wane. After working as a freelance animator and creative director for a number of smaller studios, mostly on interactive projects, Erik recognized the burgeoning emergence of new media and shifted his focus to CGI. Adapting his traditional training to the computer, he has worked almost exclusively as an animator in the games industry ever since.

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