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David Johnston


David Johnston has worked on personal gaming projects all his life but has only briefly worked full-time in the games industry when he worked at Rare for a year after graduating from university. Preferring the working conditions of "normal" software engineering jobs he has spent time working for companies developing document viewing software for mobile devices, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices and industrial printing software. David started writing games for the BBC Micro while he was still at school and went on to develop for the PlayStation Yaroze, PC and now the Xbox 360. David is currently working on a new platform game, "Growing Pains" which he hopes to release in October 2011. Notable releases: TimeSlip (Playstation Yaroze, 1999) A Bomb's Way (XBLIG, 2009) The Tower: A Bomb's Climb (XBLIG, 2010) TimeSlip (XBLIG, 2011) The Adventures of Shuggy (XBLA, 2011)

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