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Two individuals in inflatable T-Rex costumes converse in a sunny field.

Antoine Rogliano

Community Blogger

Hello I'm Antoine, CEO and Creative Directo at Dreamirl (in one word), a small indie game studio located in France.

With the team we are sharing our experience through technical and artistic blogpost and news.
To make it easier to follow we only use one account, but the name of the editor will be specified at the beginning of the post !

We are doing 3DVR game, as 2D games.

For the 3D we actually use Unity but this is subject to change.

For the 2D Games we use our own game engine that is open source https://github.com/dreamirl/dr...
It is not really accessible for beginners, so there is a game_sample, but we do not intend to promote it much.

We also stream time to time on Twitch some gamedev https://twitch.tv/dreamirl

Any question fell free to ask here, on Twitter, Discord or wherever you want :)

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