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Andrew Goulding Headshot

Andrew Goulding


Andrew Goulding has worked on 18 games at 4 companies in 2 countries on all platforms from the GBA to the 360 in the roles of QA, Programming and Production in his 8 year career in the games industry. His first commercial scale independent endeavour - Jolly Rover (http://www.brawsome.com.au/JollyRover) is set for release on June 7th 2010 being published by his company Brawsome (http://www.brawsome.com.au) of which he is the sole employee. A long time unofficial designer, Andrew designed, wrote, programmed, produced, casted, directed and marketed Jolly Rover. Which can be summed up with this mighty fine trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sekWWH8f4zE.

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