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Top New Marketplaces to Sell Game Assets

Here is a list of the latest top 3 game asset marketplace for you to sell your works as game assets.

Ozwald Al, Blogger

December 14, 2016

3 Min Read

Here is the newest game asset marketplace where you can sell your works as game assets. This is based on the newest and the features it gives to asset creators.


It is a new game asset marketplace with a lot of potential as it hosts a more generic type of marketplace containing 2D assets, 3D models, GUI and Audio as well as concept artworks which is usually being used on TCG/CCG type of games. You can also sell game engine specific templates, scripts or files. Game Asset Market supports several game engines for game developers to choose from. In terms of profit per sale, Game Asset Market gives you 80% net profit for each sale you make making it the highest income net percentage compared to other known marketplaces or asset store. It also does not restrict you in selling on other marketplaces giving your assets more exposure as it lets you sell on other marketplace. The asset submission and approval is as fast as a day so you don't need to wait for 2 weeks getting your assets approved or denied before you try again. You have the freedom in styling your asset listing to make it good and stand out among other vendor's listings. It has a good marketing strategy so you gain more leads to your assets as you concentrate on making more products for sale. Overall recommended for all kinds of asset creators as a new sales channel for their game asset production business. Register as a Vendor here


Also a new marketplace concentrated on 3D models, brushes and textures. If you are a hardcore 3D modeller or 3D design studio then this marketplace will definitely suit you better. It gives you 70% net profit with a minimum of 50¢ transaction fee per sale. Since it focuses on 3D which are very large files, it can host a whopping 16GB per upload with a massive audience reach. You have good control of your product through their assets management as well as keeping track of your customers. Recommended for 3D artists or game designers as this perfectly supports the entire system plus good support


Its the oldest of the two marketplace mentioned but contains a lot of game assets to choose from. It also give you the ability to host a game jam. It contains simple assets to medium and quality ones as assets does not undergo reviews which is a good and bad thing per se. However, itch.io is the most prominent marketplace by far as it has more features than the other two marketplaces. Their payment schemes are a bit complicated as it first defaults to an open revenue sharing but with charges depending if you use PayPal or Stripe. Calculation will usually look like this which kind of fluctuates from 75% to 80% net profit but will really vary on payment gateway fees. Overall, its a good marketplace especially if you are an active gamer as well.

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