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Musicology Miniatures: Part 1. Wildfire's Dynamic Map Music.

A musical analysis of Wildfire's dynamic map music, with video made by the composer to explain how to create melodic, rhythmic and textural content that can seamlessly transition alongside game state.

Indie and amateur game development can be challenging, especially when you're self taught and don't have a great network of people willing to share aspects of their craft with you for really specific contexts.

But. This is why we have Gamasutra. And, this is why I'd invite you to come and peek inside a 7.5 minute video about the process of making dynamic map music for Wildfire.

The video is pretty darn "no frills," because life is busy, but you can see scores, the first time we implemented the music onto the map, and decide whether you agree with my assessment of what works and what doesn't, currently.

Also, observe a melody and a bassline which transform, from within, in order to support a changing player experience. The bassline is good. The melody is close.

I hope this will be the first of a short series of videos. This piece only has 2 dynamic variations. Four of the others have three on one axis and more on two other axes, but my approach is broadly similar.

Thanks for listening. All feedback is welcome, as are questions about further aspects of my process.


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