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Live at the Living Dead Festival 2009!

I will be performing live at the 2009 "Living Dead Festival"

Richard Reifenstein, Blogger

October 5, 2009

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On Saturday night I had a great conversation with Gary Streiner about the 09 Living Dead Festival. Seems like it's really grown this year. It's a 2 day event with a festival like atmosphere on both days. There will be live music and DJ's. The second night will have the same stuff going on; but the big event is the outdoor screening of the movie. Gary asked if I would play live before the movie again this year. I really enjoy doing it. Live ambient electronic horror music on a spooky Halloween night! Can't get better than that. I'm planning on a slightly more involved set up so as to allow for a deeper sound. Maybe some sound samples from the movie as we get closer to the screening. Head over to http://www.thelivingdeadfest.com  I should be starting somewhere around 5pm or so.

Meanwhile back in the studio to continue on the latest set of cues to send to Jingle Punks. This weekend I completed 2 really great exciting cues that should feel at home in an action game promo or maybe a History or Discovery Channel show. I've been listening closely to some of the reality shows and I think that some of the new tracks will fit that kind of thing too. "Hell's Kitchen" for example has some cue that sound like what I'm writing now.

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