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Roc Chen, Blogger

December 5, 2009

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Roc Chen


    A rising Chinese composer star for video games, films and TV series, Roc Chen started taking classical piano lessons at the age of 4 in local conservatory of music. Roc has proceeded to China Central Conservatory of Music before his final graduation from China University of Electronic Science and Technology. Then, Roc has been fortunate in getting lessons and professional advices from Hollywood masters such as Batman Orchestrator Scott Smalley as well as Oscar Winner Mr. Hans Zimmer.

    Roc Chen has also been working with lots of top film and game makers in China and International game developers . He is also working with 'Spider-Man 2' recording artist, 'Gears of War 'orchestra, and 'Romeo+Juliet' sound production company. Roc's score for the 1st cross-platform MMORPG 'Shadow of Legend' was highly acclaimed by world-class game developers at CES 2007 in Las Vegas. Scorings such as 'Heroes of Might and Magic Online' and 'Gods War Online' has also been quite favorably received by players at Chinajoy. He was appointed chief mentor of composers at Intel Computer Clubhouse of China. Roc’s book on “Adobe Audition 2.0 Music Production” has also been published by Chinese People’s Post Publishing House (ISBN 7-115-15136-9/TP.5622) and has since quickly become a best seller.Roc Chen is also one of few Chinese composers who have their soundtrack on sale on iTunes.

Till now,Roc Chen has scored for over 100 Video Games.


Video Games:

<<Heroes of Might and Magic Online>> by Ubisoft & TQsoft

<<Luvinia Online>>

<<Chinese Ghost Stories Online>> by SNDA(Based on a famous Chinese adventure fiction)

<<The First Myth>> by Kingsoft

<<Love story of a sword man 2 Online>> by Kingsoft

<<Shadow of Legend>> by Smartcell (the 1st cross-platform mmorpg)

<<Bomb Bomb Online>> by Migo Shanghai Inc.

<<Gods War Online>> by Joyconnect Studio

<<Street Soccer Online>> by Xia Men Jin Tong Inc.

<<Fantasia.Sango 4>> by Odin software Inc.

<<Richman 3-Around the world>> by Odin software Inc.

<<Secret Online>> by Ferrygame Inc.

<<Jade Story>> by Finger wise Inc.

<<The East Fantasy>>

<<Chuan Yue Online>>

<<Gods War Online>>

<<Air Combat>>

<<Rich man III-Around the World>>

<<Baby Christmas Turkey Crisis>>

<<Holy Legend Online>>

<<Honey Trouble>>

<<Star Island>>

<<Energy Crisis>>

<<G.D.S Online>>

<<Trace Game>>


<<Tank Wars>>

<<Sea Island Adventure>>

<<The Hunter>>

<<Metal Core>>

<<Wonder Stories>>

<<Come on Roky>>

<<Crazy Ambulance>>

<<QQ Sugar>>

<<Fantasy Race>>

<<Monkey Cart >>

<<Holiday Inn>>


<<Shark Hunting>>

<<Chaotic World>>

<<Magic Road>>

<<Fruit Fight>>

<<Huang Fei Hong>>

<<The Sealed>>




Films, TV Dramas,Advertisement:

<<Passing Earth>> Starring Jet Li, Li Bing Bing

<<Chong Jian You Nin>> Starring Tan Wei Wei,Liu Xiao Qing,Li Yu Chun

<<Women ain't bad>> Directed by Xu Ke, Starring Zhou Xun,Gui Mei Lun,Zhang Yu Qi

<<Behind the Moon>> Published by Wang Zhong Jun

<<King Geasar>> Developed by Luxecity Digital Inc.

<<The Moon over western moutains>> Developed by Luxecity Digital Inc.

<<Tibet Goat>> Directed & Produced by Discovery Channel Director Liu Yu Jun

<<Little bag and big dream>> Broadcasted all over China on CCTV.


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