Hoosier Games Grows Up

Hoosier Games is overcoming challenges and has released two games to the XBox Live Indie Arcade. The company is entirely made up of students at Indiana University. Our proceeds go towards sending students to game conventions in order to get jobs.

In 2010, Hoosier Games was started by two students at Indiana University after taking a class that produced ( this game.  Lillian Feldman-Hill and Derrick Fuchs sought out an opportunity to gather interested students in an attempt to create more games outside of class.  

Since then, Hoosier Games has grown up into an Independent Game Company with a production cycle that aims to start making a game at the beginning of each semester, and finish within 2 semesters.  In the Fall of 2011, Hoosier Games released 2 titles to the Xbox Live Marketplace:

Platformer From Hell:

Warp Shooter:

Each game sells for $1, and the proceeds go back to Hoosier Games in order to afford student developers an opportunity to go to GDC and other opportunities that might allow the students to get jobs in the industry.  Both of these games were made using Microsoft's XNA development kit.

Since the release of these titles, the company has received some great press:

This positive review has 8,000 reviews:

This playthrough has 12 parts so far: 

Some big names in the industry reviewed this one:

We've even been invited to take part in the IGDA Indianapolis chapter to showcase our work and feel like we're a real development company in the industry.  We recently moved to Unity and have 3 games that are currently in development.  

The purpose of this blog post is to alert the gaming world of our existence, and show that student groups are capable of producing real games.  I encourage you to check out our games and keep up on our progress as Hoosier Games becomes a force in the Independent Games Industry.

Thanks for reading,
Nathan Finley
Executive Producer
Hoosier Games 


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