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Slade Villena, Blogger

May 3, 2012

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UPDATE : You can watch our French version here.  Credits to CanardPC, and our French backers for helping us roll this script.

Credits go to Nuwati Solis and Benjamin Canant for developing this pipeline, from prototype, to production, in less than a month.

Our new Kickstarter video features Google Translate as a voice actress.

We'd like to share our process, hopefully other mercenaries and independents will use this advantage in their audio pipeline.


You can listen to it here.


It's just text, really.  Though, google translate has a hard time parsing large blocks of writing, it's far easier to give her a few sentences that are concise.

Now, hit the "listen button", and you'll hear her voice in the raw. 

You can also manipulate her voice with punctuation, slight mispellings, semi colons.  It's a fairly programmable voice.

Google translate also features a unique advantage : translations to another language, both text AND audio.

Currently, we are rigging our Kickstarter video with French and German versions. 


We've had numerous targets for this kind of pipeline. Audacity was one target, specifically with the Nyquist plugin

well.... at least that was our initial plans. We settled for our local tools to process our text-to-speech stream.  

Pretty simple pipeline : process the text through translate.google.com > record the audio > process the audio with your local effects tool.

Instant voice actress.

We are researching other forms of this pipeline, and hopefully, we can produce more human results.

For now, it's fun to replicate GlaDOS, or the Reapers, or whoever the hell we want

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