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I had an idea to create an exclusive arena for game developers, a lean version that showcased us and our work, encouraged each other's progress, without any of the game industry clutter, trolls, inexperienced noobs, recruiters, HR all other corporate BS.

kurt gutierrez, Blogger

May 5, 2015

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Linkedin and Facebook for Game Developers are a big fail, and the forum format is dated, IRC is ancient and Reddit is too public. Having to keep your reddit cred high to even create a private reddit group is not possible for most people. It’s time for a change.

I want a place where I can hang out with my game industry contacts daily, ask them questions away from the public, recruiters, trolls, wannabe game developers etc. A place where we can be in a Large private group of experienced guys sharing real strategies, staying up to date with the industry trends, and most importantly pushing each other on a daily basis to grow our lives and companies as game developers to continue to be successful, and not fall off into the abyss.

We need a new avenue, so this is where my idea started from, and this is how I am pursuing it.

Instead of diving straight into the old forum format, I decided to start with Skype, and only inviting the top of the top game industry developers and artists to my Skype Group. Recruiting through Skype is simple, you add me at kurtlosangeles and I add you to the group. Once you have been accepted and gotten to know the other members, you then decide whether you enjoy the Skype experience, or migrate yourself to our Slack group.

In one week Fancy Game Devs has grown to 70+ members, and we plan to continue to grow at a steady pace for the weeks-months-years to come. I have been advertising on all forums, and want to take this big, because I think it can help a lot of people. Once we hit quadruple digit numbers in users, we can vote on where to take our group next. Our long-term goal could be to create a whole new exclusive internet experience.

Add me on Skype at kurtlosangeles to request an invite. If you are a bigger fan of Slack, fill out this form for consideration: http://bit.ly/fancytypeform

Here is a list of the companies that our members have worked for, or do work for (I am missing a bunch):



Infinity Ward




Backflip Studios

East Side Games

Fancy Turnip


5th Cell

Hyperkinetic Studios

Butterscotch Shenanigans




Paper Crane Studios

First Order Game



Tetris Online

White Milk Games

Robot Kitty

Glu Mobile


Silent Future

Four Door Lemon




Nit Real Game



Headcase Games

and many more..


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