Game Audio Podcast

The Game Audio Podcast is targeted at industry professionals interested in topics involving interactive sound and music in games.

The Game Audio Podcast is targeted at industry professionals interested in topics involving interactive sound and music in games. 

The general premise of the Game Audio Podcast is to provide an entertaining perspective into our little corner of the world, and shed some light on the challenges we’re all facing through discussion topics, industry related news, the game audio showroom, gear news, andspecial guests.

Our goal is to extend some of those conversations and share the idea’sand thoughts that come from mixing up a diverse group of professionalsand engage them in a topical discussion.

Our first Episode was launched in late November and Episode 3 was released this week.

Episode #3 Details: Interactive & Dynamic Music

Special Guests:
Vincent Diamante – thatgamecompany: Composer/ Sound Designer 
Scott Morton – Bioware: Composer/ Sound Designer
Wilbert Roget, II – Lucasarts: Composer, Music Editor/ Implementer 

Episode #2 Details: Footsteps & Foley - Design & Integration

Special Guests:
Julian Kwasneski - Bay Area Sound: Audio Director
David Steinwedel - 2k Marin: Senior Sound Designer
Kenneth Young - Media Molecule: Audio Director

Episode #1 Details: Introduction

Special Guest:
Carsten Rojahn - Ignition Entertainment: Sound Designer

We are eager to develop and continue a dialog with the community, and we hope to provide a valuable resource for people interested in Game Audio.  

Anton Woldhek and Damian Kastbauer
Game Audio Podcast Founders



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