Foley in LD26 - Perfect Crime

How I made the sounds for my Ludum Dare 26 entry, Perfect Crime.

I had great time making Perfect Crime for Ludum Dare 26 and especially the sounds for it. I had already the base game working on the first day, so I could dedicate a part of the second day for Foley.

Pretty much all the Foley I do is accidental discovery, I simply try all the possible things that might produce a sound that might fit and then choose the best one. Of course for the competition I was really pressed time and could not just go out to get some materials that might have helped considerably, so I had to make do with what I could find around the house. All the recording and sound editing was done in Audacity.

The sound of dragging the body across the floor was done by me dragging the mic around my own hair. It gave a nice scraping sound and was passable as long as it was quiet enough.

The most important sound I needed for the sake of mood was the ripping sound of a body part coming off. My first though was ripping up some asparagus or lettuce head for a nice sick-sounding effect, but unfortunately my fridge was rather empty at the time. I tried ripping some old T-shirts but the sound was much too quiet and not sick enough. In the end I used velcro. The sound gave off a decend sick-factor and it was quick and easy to make.

One trick I used here to make the sound more fatter was to mix together several takes of the velcro ripping.

Another difficult sound was the blood spraying sound. A small can of insect repellant in a pressurized can did the trick for that one quite nicely.

The only sound left was the sound of a body part hitting an object in the scene. First version was me simply punching my couch, but the end result was too muted. Next I tried punching my own stomach. The result was not much better but I was pressed for time so I simply mixed some of those sounds together and made it play quiet in-game.

The music is simply me playing random notes from my banjo. Let me know what you think of the sounds now that you know how they were made!

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