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Audio scape shapes in game environments.

Three dimensional audio shapes and control of contents in new limitations with all kinds of allowances. When, what and where are these sound fields going to be formed and created or time wise developed? IDK but I have ideas.the

William Newbold, Blogger

December 22, 2016

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So What?... is this audio creation artisty an important game "Idea?"  Game artists have mostly been replaced by audio video subroutine mathematics.  Not much is left to be designed but if there is any design parts left then they go to the players.  AI performance needs top down creative elements in a new type of game physics.  Audio distortion and in water distortions can be combined with a kind of 4 dimensional mesh like fabric matrix that functions to plot important points in 3-meshes where these points can be transformed with FFT matrix values and into a kind of new interpretational unique object functions along evolutionary changes in complex time lines.  Game Artisty is real.

A real game artist "thinks" in the new multiplayer dimensional matrix by channeling exchanges and deploying non-real types of physics between players real and AI players.  If when players create their "character objects" and what functions each object performs a level of unew functions is evolved into their objects based on the level values.  Does this leveling matrix have to include previous levels?, Usually yes but not always.  Is the new level the micro-goal in the game?, usually yes, but not always.  Counter examples are easy to find.  Now, consider the counter example game where the players have all the "not always processes" included in the game, what are all those counter examples about and ? Why and or how is this possible and then implemented?

//aside -Question- do I continue along these lines in an edit to this blog post or go to a new blog posting when I have some time?  Either way they would start with this next sentence.  I am thinking that if it gets approved then next blog otherwise I add to this blog... -aside//

The controller objects of next level creations, beyond indeterminate functions and the impossible to solve matrix values...(tbc-to be continued)

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