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Animation, Sound and Scoring: How Plarium Brought Sparta to Life

A behind-the-scenes look of how Plarium produces cinematic trailers for game launches.

Oren Todoros, Blogger

August 22, 2014

2 Min Read

Video game trailers are quickly turning into an art form unto themselves. At their core, they’re tasked with the pivotal role of capturing a player’s imagination and excitement. When done right, they can immerse players into a fantasy world where anything is possible.


Some may argue that video game openings and trailers are almost as equally important as the game itself. Just like with major movie blockbusters, they are used to sell the idea, sometimes months before a player will ever get involved in the actual game.


Plarium has recently been focusing strongly on game trailers and cinematic videos. In this behind-the-scenes video, they share a deeper look at how the Visual FX team tackled the task of creating Sparta: Age of War “Moment of Glory” and the lessons learned along the way:





A well-crafted cinematic trailer will succeed in enticing potential players to start playing, or even possibly wait anxiously for the launch of the game itself. That being said, they also need to sound as polished as they look. Below is a detailed look at how Plarium worked on getting the overall atmosphere correct through sound:




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