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About my Opening music for that Thai game...

Story about how to setup opening music for Thai game production. not serious :)

Niwat Armsang, Blogger

November 23, 2009

1 Min Read

Just starting to compose an Opening music for Online game in my country.

That look very difficult when I work with newbies all time. No no no Not blame anyone , but In Thailand you may work with new staffs of game company. In one year I can contact 3 person who work as connector in same project :D , New Introduce himself and work...

That is not problem when everything start for 2 or 3 days , after that all process can start smoothly.

For this Opening , I must find music instrument like Ethnic , Thai instrument . Did you know , A huge game project in Thailand usually use Thai Musician becuase Thai instrument skill . Find singer , musician bla bla , Everyone must playing Thai culture music style for a Big Thai Game.

That very fun , I have a little time to setup everything. When everything ready. I just start to make one. and hope that my idea can work with their movie :D

In this week I must finish this song , becuase I must start to compose many BGMs for 2 games..

That very good , I'm working !

See ya = /

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