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Discover how "Independence, Failure, Naivety, Labor, Passion" all work together to form the background of Matt Piersall's life as a composer, sound designer and Noby Noby Boy enthusiast.

George Hufnagl, Blogger

September 11, 2012

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This blog was originally posted on Creating Sound. Additional information about the website and me can be found at CreatingSound.com.

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1) Please describe five things about yourself that help frame your journey into sound design.

  • I used to swim in middle school and high school, I had a small group that I hung out with where we would play computer games, D&D, and make movies. Being around a small group of creative individuals was very inspiring.

  • My first real girlfriend introduced me to this guy named Brian Beckley who turned me on to a lot of great music. Stuff like early Tom Waits, Velvet Underground, Miles Davis, and early Talking Heads got me thinking outside of the box.

  • I worked for an artist in Amarillo Texas named Stanley Marsh 3, he created the Cadillac Ranch among other installations and found art. Working for him taught me a lot about independence, the fact that you could make a living making art, and what it meant to be on a team of mad men doing crazy mad men activities.

  • My wife asked me what I was going to do for money when I was studying at the University of North Texas. I told her that most likely I would be a “super star DJ” she then asked again but emphasized the “money” part. I was at a mall and ran into a girl that was a voice actress I asked if they had internships. Luckily they did. I enjoyed it so much I completely forgot about being a super star DJ!

  • I hit a pretty rough patch at around 20-21 and I was talking to my mom and she told me that I should try to put some of my “drug music” in a video game. I thought this was weird because as a kid my parents wouldn’t let me have a Nintendo. I thought to myself (“she’s right”). I started gearing myself up for it and a few years later an opportunity came up.

2) Five words to summarize that journey are...

Independence, Failure, Naivety, Labor, Passion

3) Five sounds that represent that journey are...

  • The dopplered swish on a static fire

  • Freq Warped wood hits

  • Kymas FM Synthesis played at a low octave

  • Reversed glass

  • Female speech frozen and scrubbed through


1) What four elements need to be in place in order for you to be productive?

Coffee and a cigarette - my mic needs to be in my room - I need to be on good terms in all my relationships - I need to remember that I’m extremely lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

2) In an ideal work flow, what would you like to accomplish in four hours?

A perfect four hours would be playing an area that I’ve been working on and very quickly making sounds and placing them in the game. Something I have done before when focused and inspired is to design and implement the core components of a creature.

3) If you had four hours to listen to music/sound design, what would you choose?

Right now I’m into minimal techno so probably a Baiyon mix, maybe This American Life when I’m feeling like hearing speech. If I’m in the mood to watch something and I want to be inspired from a sound design perspective I still am in love with Kung-Fu Hustle.


1) What three sound design lessons could your younger self learn from your present self?

  • Less is more

  • don’t psyche yourself out (it’s just a sound in a video game)

  • good source choice is as much design as destroying a sound with plug ins

2) What three library sounds have become cliched for you?

  • the metal impact hit crunch thing in Larger than Life

  • the metal footsteps from the 6000 series

  • spark zap things from Extreme Impacts

3) What three foods or beverages lead to great sound design work?

  • Mexican food

  • double americano

  • afternoon tea (Hibiscus)


1) What two sound design tools do you use on a consistent basis?

  • Ableton

  • Shotgun mic always on and in my room

2) You have a choice of two hardware devices - what would they be?

  • Roland V-Synth

  • Universal Audio Apollo

3) Record two of your favorite sounds that you can make using only your mouth/voice and describe them.

Mouth Sound 1 - UI Select

Mouth Sound 2 - Future Door Open


1) If you could collaborate with any person on a single creative project, with whom would it be and what would be your project?

Keita Takahashi (the creator of Noby Noby boy and Katamari Damacy). I would want to collaborate with him on a musical playground game using a standard game controller.

2) What outstanding quality would that project have?

It would give players a sense of innocent pleasure and have meditative effects without stressing people out with a goal or a time limit. It would sort of be how I picture Heaven to be just maybe not as gold.

3) If you had one opportunity to present it, how would you choose to do so?

I would probably wear a cowboy hat and keep a laser pointer in a fake gun. When I go through my Power-Point I could pull the trigger on the gun to switch slides. I would also have a some music prepared and maybe bring some liquor to loosen people up in the meeting.

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