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Where is all the entry level jobs?

Where is all the entry level jobs?

Travis Everett, Blogger

November 15, 2009

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I was sitting here the other day thinking.  You have internships open everynow and then usually in the summer or winter.  However,  with internships you are required to be attending school.  For me that is a problem.  I have already graduated, and where I live (Waco, TX) there is nothing close anuff for me to be able to go to. 

So internships are out for me.

Then you got the regular jobs.  Those all require 2+ years experience.  I have been passed over because a artist (in my opinion my stuff was better (not trying to be cocky))  had more industry experience. 

So it seems like you cant get a job without experience, and you cant get experience without a job.  And for the recent grads, internships are out of the question.

So where is all the entry level jobs?  There are plenty of senior/lead jobs out there though.  In my opinion I think they should promote "SOME," not all, of the more experienced artist at the company to those positions.  I'm not sure how the diffrent companys hiring process goes though. 

I've been told to network.  However, when I try to talk to people on LinkedIn, and other places I never get a reply back.  So, so far networking has not been working out.

I just thought I would put some of my thoughts out there.  I am not giving up on my job hunt thouogh.  I will keep improving my skills, and keep applying.  I know one day a great company will come swoop me up.

Thanks for reading,

Travis Everett
[email protected]

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