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A bit about me.

Michael Parker

November 17, 2010

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   I am Mike Parker, a self motivated individual that loves every aspect of art.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts and Animation in 2006 from The Art Institute of Phoenix.  Before leaving The Art Institute, I worked as a 3D animator on the nationally released full length motion picture "What the Bleep?! Down the Rabbit Hole".  I was responsible for animating the main character, Dr. Quantum, in several scenes that made it to the big screen.

     My graduation portfolio won Best Portfolio Student Choice, and Best Portfolio Faculty Choice.

     I tutored twenty-six people in 3D animation and modeling at The Art Institute, and immediately upon graduation I was offered a position at DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona as a professor in their Game and Simulation Programming department. There I taught Intro to Game and Simulation Programming, Practical Game Design with a Lab, and Visual and Audio Production for Games.  In Visual and Audio Production for Games, I taught 3D Studio Max, Soundforge, and Photoshop.

     After truly enjoying two semesters of teaching, I was offered the position of Associate Environment Artist at Rainbow Studios in Phoenix.  I worked for two full years on MX vs. ATV Reflex for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.  There I created hundreds of assets that were used in the game.  I used those assets and the work of fellow artists to populate and finish the appearance of many levels in Reflex.  I was also responsible for the layout and creation of many assets used in the downloadable content created for MX vs. ATV Reflex.  

     After the completion of Reflex, I began working for Rail Vise Technologies in San Diego, California where I design and produce all visual media including websites, clothing, national advertisement, catalogs, and displays.  While I enjoy this role, I miss the studio environment and working with talented team members to create movies and games.

     I currently live and work in San Diego, California, which is among the most beautiful and enjoyable cities I've ever seen.  However, relocation is not only an acceptable option, but rather an exciting experience I welcome when given a chance to see and enjoy more of the world. Visit www.mpArtistry.com to see my portfolio.

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