Mudbox 2013 Cookbook Released!

Book Release!

Hello all,
I'd just like to take this moment to promote my new book "Mudbox 2013: Cookbook". The book is for all levels and is a great way to hop right into sculpting and 3d painting without spending tons of time learning the software. If you have used Maya, 3D Max, or Softimage then the hot keys can be set up easily by choosing the software you use within Mudbox.
Mudbox is the industry leader in 3d painting and has a very easy to understand interface. By writing this book I would like to show the world that other software, like Zbrush, are not the only tools out there for sculpting and 3d painting.
I am a teacher at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and I see so many students (and professionals) struggle with learning the Zbrush interface. This drastically slows them down in learning the concepts that are most important in creating 3d art. On top of that Zbrush has many extra steps to do things that are very simple in Mudbox.
Now, don't get me wrong. I am not hating on Zbrush. There are a lot of useful features that Zbrush provides, I just think that Mudbox gets to the point with its sculpting and 3d painting tools. I still think Zbrush is a great tool for retopoing and concepting forms out with Zspheres. 
That said, more and more people are discovering the power of Mudbox (and switching their software preference) and I would like to support the softwares growth with tips and tricks for all users. The recipes included in this book will be useful for students (Mudbox is free with a school issued email address), game industry professionals, movie industry professionals, television industry professionals, you name it.
So, if you are interested in trying out Mudbox or you are a professional who would like to speed up your workflow, you can download or order a copy of the book from... 
Packt Publishing's website ( (
Barnes and Nobles (
I appreciate your support and I hope you find the book useful!
-Jeremy Roland

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