Lesson 01 'Introduction'

Introduction explaining my style of tutoring


Why am I blogging? To create a resource for intermediate level game artists that will explain basic principles and workflows of game art. There is a ton of information out there but usually it's scattered so I'm wanting to create focussed tutorials that artists can follow. There are two methods of being kept up to date,

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Another reason for this is that I often have problems understanding tutorials and explanations straight away. I need to play around and see things visually and often interpret in my own simplified way, I like to provide links for more detailed explanations if the reader wants to learn more about the subject but for my own personal tutorials I like to break it down to it's core. Really it's for me, a libary of knowledge that I can pull out at anytime and instantly understand what's going on. I'm just sharing as it may be useful to others that have my type of mindset when it comes to learning about game art.

I want this to be as easy as possible.

That's it for Lesson 1! now go and play some games...






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